Western world religions spring 2008 essay

An example, in the Old Testament the adultery laws are so biased against women that they defy rational explanation by our mentality. Judaism and Christianity hold similar positions related to issues since they share a portion of the Scriptures, the Old Testament.

However, it still remains that the issue is a moral issue and, ultimately, a moral decision. They concluded that leadership in the five religions corresponds more closely to charismatic leadership theories since each tradition provides a series of individuals as role models who exemplify leadership behavior as well as acceptable life patterns, not to mention their inclusion of heroes and heroines who arise in times of crises to provide guidance and inspiration.

If they kill me, I will be resurrected in the Salvadoran people. The more common effects of a fragmented worldview in business relates to dichotomies that often breed conflict between competing values.

With this understanding, Murphy and Ellis addressed how fragmentation in worldview creates a scientific paradigm void of ethics.

Religion and Peacebuilding

Positive responses to the human rights era, globalization, and fundamentalism have included the growth of the Christian ecumenical movement, increased pursuit of interfaith dialogue, and the development of coalitions across religious, secular, cultural, and geographic boundaries.

Although this represents a strong contingency theory approach to leadership, the values outlined by Kriger and Seng seem consistent with servant leadership values. The authors explained how unacceptable this is by demonstrating that values and assumptions of morality and ethics are embedded in each scientific field and in how science is conducted as a discipline.

A key element of political process is healthy, legitimate political relations. However, MacIntyre feels that it cannot be convincingly argued outside of a religious tradition. However, no mention was made of how non-Muslims are treated.

World Religions

To place value on any one thing, such as the self, is to ignore the interdependence of all things. While some of these do display the bifurcation of life into spiritual and secular spheres, many more have not fully separated behavior ritual and daily life from belief spiritual and moral values and metaphysical experiences.

The cumulative effect may be one in which religion plays a significant role in portions but not all of society, or, as can be the case with large, transnational traditions, religion may permeate every level of society—institutionally, socially and culturally.

Communicating using religious texts and traditions can make it easier to introduce or strengthen concepts of peace. This may be compounded if peacebuilding actors are perceived to have purely social and spiritual—and not political—intentions.

While this necessarily involves training in contemporary conflict resolution techniques and approaches, religious actors can also draw upon their identities as participants in a social and spiritual tradition.

Christianity founded on the idea of personal salvation and the deliverance from sin and eternal life for its followers. These western religions worships the same God, acknowledges the existence of the Ten Commandments, they practice the same rituals and worshiping. Fourth, because of their numerical significance and multi-level presence, religious traditions offer vehicles for internationalizing peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

It is not difficult to find the effects of this fragmentation within companies and individuals as they go about daily life and business. These components as outlined in the earlier section provide strong support for the various attributes of servant leadership see Table 2.

In the first instance, existing religious presence is inexperienced but spontaneously adapts to peacebuilding necessities.

Contemporary Issues in Western Religions Essay Sample

There are Muslim societies that have been swept over by the Western culture and way of life often imitating whatever they receive from the West and adopting the worst fruits of Western civilization. The shareholder perspective promotes profit alone as the major consideration in business decisions while the stakeholder perspective promotes human and social impact as the major considerations in business decisions.

This transformative process is essential to broad and sustained adoption of peacebuilding strategies and personas. The same may be true to a lesser extent when actors adhere to different religions but share a religious worldview. During this evolution, World Vision retained its evangelical character, while CRS minimized its religious identity.

The Quran succinctly has considered the interaction of man and woman as one purpose of creation: This is a reflection of the tradition of secular humanism which culminated in the 18th century Age of Enlightenment.

Bishops, for example, retain their office for life, whereas politicians must be responsive to electoral constituencies and annual budget cycles.

In this respect, religious peacebuilding is distinct because of its relationship to myth and ritual. In new terms of terror, religion has been a factor in events ranging from the bombing of abortion clinics in the early s to the attacks of September 11, In sum, religion can be a source of peace or violent conflict, and its importance and potential strength lies in this ambiguity.

This strength lies in the perception of spiritual need on the part of those affected. Did not your father have food and drink? The state and the institutions of state become, for many, the center of worship in wartime.

The image of a priest shot at the altar while celebrating Mass, the primary sacred ritual of the Catholic tradition, galvanized not only local but also international outcry regarding human rights abuses in El Salvador. It is therefore necessary to present, in broad terms, essential elements of the Judeo-Christian worldview in order to understand its compatibility with servant leadership theory.The world has many different religions.

Asia has had many religions spring up. Tutorial Group D Unknown to the Western world for thousands of years and the dominant religion in the “Oriental” world since the Ancient times, World Religions Report "Buddhism" Essay World Religions.

GB World Religions Spring Instructor: Mike Williams Office: Ezell the growing influence of Eastern religious thought on the Western World and the language of essay. 3. Exams- There will be one take home exam after each weekend session.

4. Free essay on World Religions available totally free at samoilo15.com, the largest free essay community. July 30, Comparative Religions/Treyz Fisher Chapters 9 & 10 Christianity and Islam are two closely related religions that have strong backgrounds a long history of leaders and followers.

My feelings on the chapter are that both of the religions are extremely structured and have a large set of rules that an individual in the religion must follow to be considered apart of the religion. Having argued that there is a necessity to link worldviews to religion, the paper then examines extant leadership literature linking religion to leadership studies and specifically whether or not the five major world religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism) have any serious incompatibility with servant leadership.

The religion that I have chosen to discuss is the Jewish religion, or Judaism. In seeking information about Judaism, I conducted an interview at the Beth Israel Congregation near 5/5(1).

Western world religions spring 2008 essay
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